• Q On which stock exchanges are China Shineway's securities traded?

    China Shineway's ordinary shares are traded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, under the stock code "2877".

  • Q How many shares does China Shineway have outstanding?

    827 million shares as at 30 June 2020.

  • Q How do I request an annual report or an interim report?

    Both our annual and interim reports are available in PDF format in this web site.

  • Q How can I update my address or transfer my shares?

    Holders of ordinary shares should contact our Registrar as follows:

    Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited Shop 1712-1716 17th floor, Hopewell Center 183 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2862 8628 Fax: +852 2529 6087 Email: [email protected]

  • Q How do I invest in China Shineway's securities?

    China Shineway does not offer a direct stock purchase plan. If you would like to purchase China Shineway's securities, please contact your broker.

  • Q Is China Shineway a constituent of any stock market indices?

    China Shineway is a constituent of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Composite Index, Hang Seng Mainland Composite Index, Hang Seng Freefloat Composite Index, Hang Seng Mainland Freefloat Index and Hang Seng Consumer Goods Index.

  • Q When was the company's IPO?

    Our ordinary shares were first listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2004.

  • Q What is China Shineway's financial year end?

    China Shineway's financial year end is December 31.

  • Q When is the next result announcement?

    Shineway Pharmaceutical’s annual result and interim result are announced by the end of March and August, respectively

  • Q Who do I contact with additional questions?

    If you have an investment-related question and cannot find the answer under FAQs or elsewhere on this site, you may contact China Shineway Investor Relations. Please click here