Huangqi Injection
  • Function
    To benefit qi and to replenish vital essence, to nourish heart and to remove obstruction of channels, to strengthen spleen and to eliminate dampness. Used for treatment of viral cardiac muscle inflammation, insufficiency of cardiac function and hepatitis caused by weak spleen.
  • Main Materials
    Radix astragali.
  • Specification
    10ml/ampule.(equals to 20g raw medicinal materials); 20ml/ampule.(equals to 40g raw medicinal materials)
  • License No
    10ml: GuoYaoZhunZi Z13020999; 20ml: GuoYaoZhunZi Z13021000.
  • Attention

    Not better mix this product with other medicines in the same container for use.

    This product is pure Chinese medicinal preparation, quality of it may be affected by incorrect storage. Forbid to use when turbidity, deposition, color-changed or air leak being found.

  • Usage & Dosage
    Intramuscular injection, 2-4ml each time and 1-2 time daily; Intravenous infusion, 10-20ml each time and once daily, or directed by physician.
  • Storage
    Sealed and avoid from light.
  • Quality Guarantee
    3 years