Guanxinning Injection
  • Function
    To promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, to eliminate obstruction of channels and to nourish heart. Used for treatment of coronary heart diseases and angina pectoris.
  • Main Materials
    Radix salviae miltiorrhizae, Rhizoma ligustici.
  • Specification
    2ml/ampule; 10ml/ampule.
  • License No
    2ml: GuoYaoZhunZi Z13020780; 10ml: GuoYaoZhunZi Z13020779.
  • Attention

    Not mix this product with other medicines in the same container for use.

    This product is pure Chinese medicinal preparation, quality of it may be affected by incorrect storage.

    Forbid to use when turbidity, deposition, color-changed or air leak being found.

  • Usage & Dosage
    Intramuscular injection, 2ml each time and 1-2 time daily; Intravenous infusion, diluted with 500ml 5% glucose injection, 10-20ml each time and once daily.
  • Storage
    Sealed and prevent from light.
  • Quality Guarantee
    3 years
  • Drug Efficacy Information

    Product Features: Guanxinning Injection is a multi-target effect product which stabilises coronary pulse. An ideal medicine for comprehensive treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pain.

    Production of Shineway Guanxinning Injection is patented. The patent clearly states that Guanxinning Injection produced with Shineway's patented method has a better treatment effect than all other Guanxinning Injections currentily available in the market.

    Pharmaceutical characteristics: The Danshen (丹参) and the Chuanxiong (川芎) has synergising effects of anti-inflammation, production of endothelial cells, inhibition of platelet aggregation, changing blood flow, reduction of exygen consumption of the myocardial muscles, stabilising of the coronary veins, and effective treatment of ischemic heart disease.

    Guanxinnig injection can be used to treat 142 targeted cardiovascular diseases through anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-coagulation, fiber promortion, hormone regulation and maintenance of cardiovascular functions.

    Clinical Research:

    1. Guanxinning is effective in treating all forms of angina, which can significantly reduce the consumption of nitrate glycerol flakes, especially the self-spontaneous angina. Its effect is also significantly better than the nitrate glycerine (*P < 0.05)

    2. According to the observation of the intravenous drop of Guanxining Injection, it is found that the therapeutic group has significantly better effect on treating cerebral infarction than that of the low-molecule right-of-saccharide maleic anhydride group, with a total efficiency of 96.15%. No obvious adverse reaction was found during the treatment process, with good clinical effects.

    3. Guanxinning effectively prevented and controlled the reconstruction of the left room after acute myocardial infarction, improved the patient’s heart function and significantly reduced the incidence of recent heart events, which was better than regular treatment (∆ P < 0.05).