Dengzhanhuasu Injection
  • Function
    To activate blood and eliminate blood stasis, to remove obstruction of channels to relieve pain. Used for treatment of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and apoplexy sequela.
  • Main Materials
    It is sterile solution of Breviscapine.
  • Specification
    5ml each ampule: 20mg.
  • License No
    GuoYaoZhunZi Z13020778
  • Attention

    Prohibit using in patients of cerebral hemorrhage or tendency of bleeding.

  • Usage & Dosage
    Intramuscular injection, 5mg each time and 2 times daily; Intravenous infusion, 10-20ml each time and one time daily, diluted with 500ml 10% glucose injection.
  • Storage
    Sealed and prevent from light.
  • Quality Guarantee
    3 years